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The last tractor you’ll ever need is here.

Get into a Massey Ferguson compact or utility tractor and accomplish more than ever before. These versatile tractors are known for their unbeatable power, smart fuel economy and upgraded creature comforts. And with their ability to multitask through any job around the yard or farm, they’ll provide you with outstanding value for years to come. Do all you need to do and more with Massey Ferguson compact and utility tractors from Butler Ag Equipment.

Massey Ferguson 2600H Sreies

2600H Series

For more than 160 years, Massey Ferguson has been the benchmark for what a great utility tractor should be. Now we’ve added to that legacy with the 2600H Series, a rugged line of tough and dependable tractors that easy to use, easy to like and easy to pay for. Yet still rugged and durable. Featuring a simple, open design with a hood and fenders made out of solid steel. High capacity hydraulics for loader and implement work. And, of course, the legendary 3-point hitch that Massey Ferguson invented so long ago.

The 2600H Series offers four different models, ranging from 44.4 to 73 horsepower. Within each model, you get the option of 2- or 4-wheel drive. This helps determine your transmission and PTO. Our 8×2 Sliding Mesh and Live PTO give you a more inexpensive option, while the 8×8 Synchro Shuttle and Independent PTO provide even more great features at a low price.

Massey Ferguson 2700E Series

2700E Series

These hardworking, matter-of-fact tractors combine the practicality of a compact tractor with the added functionality of a utility tractor. That makes the versatile 2700E Series ideal for loader work, rotary cutting or any other rear PTO job that needs to be done. These tractors are perfect for hobby farmers, farm-to-table operations, small businesses or homeowners with a lot of acreage to care for.

At 12.6 gallons (47.7 liters) per minute, the 2700E tractors have a higher hydraulic flow rate than comparable models, allowing for greater speed in loader work and tasks using other implements. So whether you’re bringing in the hay, cleaning the barn or just doing general land maintenance, the two tractors in this series will not just be handy, but absolutely indispensable.

Massey Ferguson 1700 Premium Series

1700 Premium Series

If you’re looking for even more power, comfort, convenience and control, step up to the Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium tractors, with advanced engineering that goes above and beyond your expectations. You’ll get performance options common in larger tractors, but with the simplicity and fuel efficiency of a compact.

All 1700 Series Premium compacts boast a 540 RPM independent rear PTO, or optional mid PTO, that engages electro-hydraulically with a simple twist of a knob on the front dash. These 36.2 to 59 gross horsepower tractors also include a wet clutch for durability and a modulation button for slow, smooth start-up to prevent shock load damage.

Massey Ferguson 1700E Series

1700E Series

The Massey Ferguson 1700E Series is a compact, no-nonsense workhorse that’s easy to operate, easy to afford and easy to love. These 4WD tractors, with standard rear 540 PTO, 3-point hitch and optional backhoe, deliver more than comparably-priced machines.
You get durability and legendary performance. Plus, more capability, more functionality and key features like a clean-burning, Tier 4 diesel engine, higher flow hydraulics and your choice of transmission.

GC1700 Series

Whether you’re a small landowner or a hobby farmer, everything about the Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series is designed to help you get the job done right. From mowing, loading and backhoe work to snow-blowing and more, these multitaskers deliver impressive performance and unmatched versatility.
Providing more than just great ergonomics, the operator’s station on the GC1700 Series makes the transition from lawn tractor to small compact virtually seamless. All major controls and functional pedals are in familiar, intuitive locations that are easy to reach and operate. So if you’re ready for a real tractor, check out the GC1700 Series.