Disc Rippers


Designed for deep tillage to a maximum depth of 18 inches, the 4412 Disc Ripper Disc, effectively sizes and incorporates crop residue while shattering hardpan for better water and nutrient intake.

As one of the newest models in the Sunflower lineup, the 4412 is built around the proven performance of the staggered front and rear gang design which leaves the field surface smooth and ridge-free. Then, we added a set of HD auto reset shanks with 3,500-pound point load to ensure that the unit maintains the desired working depth.

Choose from the Model 4412-05, which offers a cutting width of 12′ 6″, or step up to the Model 4412-07 with its 17 1/2-foot cutting width for faster ground coverage.


  • Welded Frame
  • Independent Disc Gangs
  • Auto-Reset Shanks
  • Worry-Free Parallel Linkage

4511 / 4530

15″ Shank Spacing Shatters What Others Leave Behind

Deep tillage in soils with proper moisture content will displace a V-shaped section of soil upward, forward, and sideways. The 4511 utilizes shanks on 15″ centers and disc gangs both front and rear. This gives the 4511 greater ability to fracture and lift soil in adverse conditions. Net results are uniform soil fracturing to a depth of 12″ to 14″ and a soil profile of mixed residue. Operators should always probe their fields prior to deep tillage to determine depth of compaction zone. Studies have found soil should be fractured 1.5″ to 2″ below the compaction zone for best results.


  • Capable of performing a discing operation and fractures the hardpan in a single pass
  • C-Flex, mounted individual front disc blades w/exclusive compound angle
  • Maintenance-free lift system utilizes UHMW technology and requires no greasing
  • Self-leveling hitch
  • Standard, individual front and rear hydraulic disc gang adjustment
  • Single point depth control
  • Front and rear depth gauges allow on-the-go hydraulic adjustments
  • Pre-determined fixed gang angles for optimum performance
  • Chisel shanks are placed on a narrow 15″ spacing
  • Available in 9, 11, 13, 15 and 19 shank models

4610 / 4630

24″ Shank Spacing Shatters it All.

The new 4600 series disc rippers are equipped with two ranks of large 28 individually mounted disc blades to aggressively size and incorporate heavy crop residue. Auto-reset parabolic shanks that are narrowly spaced (24) to thoroughly shatter soil compaction. And your choice of finishing attachment that’s designed to produce the field finish you want. This triple combination makes the Sunflower 4600 series disc ripper your best choice.

The 4600 series was designed with crop residue and soil management in mind. The disc blades are mounted in two ranks to provide ample room between the C-flex mountings (15) to move heavy crop residue through the gangs but produce a narrow overall blade spacing (7.5) to properly size the material and of course the operator has total œon the go control of disc gang depth from the cab of tractor. Three ripper point options to select from to match soil conditions equipping the narrowly spaced shanks to ensure complete soil fracturing. And the 4600 is not equipped with a one type does all finishing attachment, four distinctly different attachments are offered to match your crop and soil conditions.


  • Self-Leveling all Welded Frame
  • Self-Leveling Clevis
  • Hydraulic Jack Stand
  • Independent Disc Gangs
  • Auto-Reset Parabolic Shanks
  • Walking Tandem Wheels
  • Multiple Finishing Attachments
  • 7, 9, 11 and 13 Shank Models