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Blowout Pricing New Aged Horsch Tillage

Horsh Joker

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Model Width
MT Series 13′, 15′, 20′
RT Series 23′, 27′, 30′, 33′, 37′
PT Series 30′, 40′

The Joker can be used in minimum till to conventional till situations. Use the Joker as a clever alternative to vertical tillage, seedbed preparation, stubble cultivation, shallow tillage, furrow leaving and manure incorporation.

RT Series

The RT Joker Series offers customers a unique multi-use tillage tool for
a wide variety of applications. It combines proven technology with new features such as proven oilsealed bearings and a roll flex soil consolidation system for higher performance.

PT Series

The PT Joker was built for extreme high-moisture conditions. At a working width of 30™ and 40™, the PT 300 and 400 offer large diameter tires for superb flotation

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Model Width
Disc Harrow 10′ – 50′
Field Cultivators 18′ – 63′
Land Finisher 17′ – 42′
Disc Ripper 12′ – 30′
Vertical Tillage 21′ – 40′

Quality and service are what today’s farmers expect from their equipment and what Sunflower continues to provide. Use their primary tillage tools to shatter what’s hiding below your soil surface. The Sunflower land finishers disc, condition, incorporate, cultivate and finish, all in one trip. Need a disc that lives up to its reputation? Disc Harrows from Sunflower are tough, heavy and capable of performing both primary and finish discing operations.

Wishek Discs

Wishek Discs, ranging from 7™-39™ widths, are heavy-duty machines that can slice through any residue. Not only do Wishek offset and tandem disc models have the heaviest weight-per-blade in the agricultural industry, they also come standard with an adjustable leveling system, safety lights and a flat scraper.


Wil-Rich primary tillage solutions are strong, solid workhorses built for better performance, greater strength and longer life. Choose from a variety of different tillage equipment, including chisel plows, disc harrows, rippers, field cultivators, disc cultivators, row crop cultivators and seedbed finishers.

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Model Width
Chisel Plows 13′ – 60′
Field Cultivators 79’11”