Fendt Momentum

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Fendt Momentum Planter

Plant Smarter.

The Fendt Momentum Planter is engineered to consistently place every seed at  optimal depth and spacing while reducing compaction and eliminating pinch rows. The design and versatility of the Momentum offers a new standard for seed placement accuracy and provides technological advancements to help overcome adverse planting conditions that have historically challenged emergence, resulting in less than optimal crop yields.

White Planters

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White Planter 9800VESpeed. Accuracy. Assurance.

The next-generation White Planters™ 9800VE Series combines the tested White Planters design with cutting-edge Precision Planting® technologies. From the vSet® meter that can provide unrivaled accuracy across crops, seed sizes and conditions to the optional DeltaForce® variable down force system that gets seeds to the right depth without over-compacting the trench to the optional SpeedTube that enables accurate seed spacing at increased speeds, you’ll get top performance that you can see in real time on your 20/20 SeedSense® monitor.

Model Rows Row Width Transport Width Markers
9812VE 12 30″ 12′ Bifold breakaway
9816VE 16 30″ 12′ Trifold breakaway
9824VE 24 30″ 12′ Trifold breakaway

Fast. Durable. Precise. When you get your planting equipment from us, you know you’re getting the most productive and reliable equipment on the market.

Model Rows Row Width Center Fill
9100 6, 8, 12, 16 30″ No
9200 12 30″ No
9500 12, 16, 23, 24, 31 15″, 20″, 22″, 30″ No
9700 8, 12, 16 30″, 36″, 38″, 40″ No
9800 12, 16, 24, 31 15″, 30″ Yes
9936 36 20″, 22″, 30″ Yes

White Planters are a leader in row crop seeding technology. No matter the crop, there’s a White Planter for the job. White Planters can be used for either conventional or conservation planting. The innovative White Planters seed metering system, with only one moving part, helps to maintain accuracy acre after acre.

The 9000 series is the industry’s first row crop planter equipped with a factory-installed rubber track transport system. This track system combines with four large gauge wheels on each wing to provide three times the flotation as similar planters equipped with wheels while significantly reducing soil compaction.

*2017 AGCO Crop Tour results – ave. results from 11 plots across North America –
**Jason Webster, Beck’s PFR Research, Third-Party 5-Year Down Force Study, Pub. 2013. Results showed DeltaForce 4.9 bu/a advantage over AirForce (1 year) and AirForce 3.9 bu/a advantage over the optimal static setting (5 years)

Sunflower Air Seeders

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Model Width Type
9800 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′ Single Disc Drill
Grain Cart Bushels Auger
9920 280, 335 8″, 10″
9930 380, 525 10″

Sunflower 9700 Air DrillThe Sunflower 9800 Single Disc Drill is known as a “speed drill” due to its unique ability to seed at a higher speed without creating uneven seed rows. However, you may just want to call it “extremely versatile.” Whether you run it fast or slow; in no-till, minimum-till or conventional till; flat ground or on a slope, the Sunflower 9800 works well in all conditions.

Hydraulic down pressure on the openers, adjustable on the go from the tractor cab, eliminates the need to adjust springs or individual row openers. The unique design has eliminated the need for a gauge wheel running next to the disc, which allows the “opposing single discs” to lift and displace the soil between the two narrow 6″ rows.

The soil coming off of the twin discs flows back against the trailing packer wheels, which re-level and firm the soil over the seed rows, eliminating sidewall compaction, hair pinning and open seed furrows.

Bigger, Better Yield

Could your seed placement and planting speed use a boost? Maestro and Panther planters by Horsch feature the largest carrying capacities in the industry, incredibly precise seed placement and faster speeds that increase your planting window.

Horsch Maestro Planter

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The Maestro planter runs up to 8 mph with precise seed placement. The innovative metering devices are driven electrically and are individually switchable. The “Seed on Demand” system provides a short, easy filling time and 250 bushel seed capacity means that you can keep going longer and get done sooner.


Model Row Row Width
Maestro SW 24 30″

Horsch Avatar

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Horsch Avatar


The Horsch Avatar takes a complete common-sense approach in design to incorporate basic agronomic principals for securing maximum yield potentials. The Avatar combines an agile two-tank design, the most precise volumetric metering system on the market, an agronomic based platform and the lowest maintenance opener system on the market.

Horsch Planters

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The Horsch Panther provides efficient and precise seed and fertilizer placement at 6+ mph to maximize seeding and planting windows for achieving maximum potential yields. Its versatile design allows for application in small grains seeding, row crop planting and fertilizer banding.


With a steering axle that manually keeps the cart and drill on hillsides and a tow between design for more stability on slopes, the Horsch Cougar is your high speed single pass planting and seeding solution for extreme terrain.


Model Width Type
Panther 40″ – 60″ Shank
Cougar 30″ – 40″ Shank
Grain Carts Cart Size
350 (2) 175, 175
500 (3) 175, 75, 250

Horsch Air Seeders

Horsch systems define single pass planting. You get maximum trash flow capacity, even in row crop residue such as corn stalks. You also get the added benefit of high-speed planting and a massive air tube high-capacity air system.

All planting systems come with a 15″ shank configuration which gives maximum trash flow through the machine. This, along with the disc-leveling system, keeps soil disturbance to a minimum.