Headers and Header Trailers

Gleaner Heads

Flex Draper Heads

The Gleaner 9300 DynaFlex with its fully flexible, cab-controlled cutterbar allows you to take more crop efficiently to optimize combine capacity an reduce operator fatigue.

Flex Auger Heads

The Gleaner 8200 Series flex headers give you a choice of two sickle options: new high capacity sickle with new spring hold-downs and guards or SCH sickle with standard roller guidees.

Pickup Heads

The Gleaner 4200 Series high capacity pickup headers include a 13′ or 15′ wide conveyor auger.

Corn Heads

The Gleaner 3000 Series features a low 21. degree angle with dividers that slide under downed stalks an gently straighten them for fast, easy harvesting.

Rigid Heads

The Gleaner 7200 Series rigid cutterbar headers have a welded steel frame for a solid foundation. In-cab fore-and-aft reel adjustment comes standard, so you can adjust to crop conditions on the fly.

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Challenger Heads

Challenger offers a versatile line-up of headers, each one designed and built to deliver unrivaled reliability with easy maintenance under the toughest crop conditions.

Options include the efficient corn header, the ground-hugging flex header, solid rigid header, cost effective pickup header and the versatile draper header.

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MacDon Heads

MacDon knows that speed is everything, because faster harvesting means more money in your pocket. You can count on MacDon’s line of Draper and Pickup heads to make your harvest run fast and smooth, year after year.

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Drago Corn Heads

The Drago by Olimac is not your typical corn head “ it’s a complete hi-tech corn harvesting system. The automatic self-adjusting deck plates reduce shelling loss by setting themselves automatically to varying stalk size and plant populations. Drago heads come with 50% longer knife rollers than the average head, which allows the corn to be pulled down slower.

They also feature a chopper system designed around yield. For instance, the rear mounting allows the ear to be harvested first, before the stalk is chopped, which eliminates the full stalk being pulled into the combine, decreasing head loss and down corn.

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Killbros Header Trailer

Killbros utility transports are tool-free for quick and convenient adjustments to easily transport all brands of headers. Choose from 4-wheel models in 25™, 30™, or 36™ sizes, or a 6-wheel in 30™, 36™, 42™ or 48™ sizes.

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Stud King Header Trailer

Stud King header trailers feature a heavy wall, independent front suspension, 10-ply tires, interchangeable front end with clevis, storage compartments and extendable tongue with quick latch and safety chain. Choose from four sizes: 32™, 38™, 42™ and 47™.

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