Application Equipment


AGCO Application Equipment leads the way in every category. From spreaders to sprayers, AGCO allows farmers to accurately and efficiently apply nutrients and protectants for improved crop yield and reduced costs with environmentally-controlled applications.

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RoGator C Series

Challenger Rogator CFrom the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic™ system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive™ system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal™ operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions, this sprayer is built to deliver more precise application in less time, with less wear on machine and operator.

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The new technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator and liquid application system delivers innovations needed to meet the needs of today’s crop production industry, professional applicators and farmers.


  • FlowLogic™ recirculation plumbing
  • LiquidLogic system
  • New ClearFlow™ recovery, the industry’s first full-recovery system
  • Touchscreen AccuTerminal
  • All-wheel SmartDrive system
  • Cab filled with operator comforts


Model HP Booms Tank Sizes
RG700 165 60/80′ & 60/90′  700
RG900 280 80′-120′  900
RG1100 311 80′-120′  1100
RG1300 339 80′-120′  1300
RG900C 280 90′-132’*  900
RG1100C 315 90′-132’*  1100
RG1300C 370 90′-132’*  1300
*120′ & 132′ booms are aluminum.

One look at RoGator sprayers and you’ll be convinced they have the brawn and brains to exceed your application needs. Large product tanks, front entry system and front reload station are just some of the features that make RoGator a smart addition to your operation. Setting the industry standard in performance and power is the AGCO Power engine with e3 technology. Every model is engineered to match horsepower to payload capacity, resulting in more consistent speeds. All models feature some of the most comfortable and spacious cabs in the industry. Innovation comes standard with multiple features such as multiple function four wheel steer you won’t find on other machines.


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Model HP Transmission Tons/Box Capacity (Cubic Feet)
TG7300 330 Continuously Variable AirMax Precision Single bin 310 cu.ft. (8.8 m3)
TG8300 365 Continuously Variable AirMax Precision 2 Adjustable, split bin 300 cu.ft. (8.5 m3)
TG8400 365 Continuously Variable Air Spreader Single bin, multiple products 315 sq.ft. (8.9 m2)
TG9300 425 Continuously Variable Soilection Twin Bin Two bins 290 cu.ft. (8.2 m3)

Long hours, rugged terrain and miles of road traveled take a toll on both the machine and its operator. That’s why performance and efficiency are the foundation of every TerraGator high-flotation applicator. The TG7300/8300 Series machines are equipped with a liquid system that handles just about any field you’ll ever encounter. Stainless steel, 1,800 gallon product tanks, a 60 gallon foam marker and a conveniently located eductor all combine to create a professional liquid delivery system.

Application Systems

We offer a variety of liquid and dry configurations to meet your application needs. From the exclusive auger-less liquid systems to the high-volume capacity of AGCO’s Air Spreader or AirMax Precision systems, we have the most accurate systems available on the most rugged machines in the industry.

AirMax Precision Single bin 310 cu.ft.(8.8 m3)
AirMax Precision 2 Adjustable, split bin 300 cu.ft.(8.5 m3)
Air Spreader Single bin, multiple products 315 sq.ft.(8.9 m2)
Soilection Twin Bin Two bins 290 cu.ft. (8.2 m3)