Fendt 1000 Vario Tractor

Big. Strong. Unique. Experience true strength, full traction, masterful controls and intelligent connectivity with the Fendt 1000 Vario. 

The Fendt® 1000 Vario tractor has finally made its way to Butler. Besides owning the title of the world’s largest draft tractor, the 1000 Vario hosts many uncomparable. It has a MAN six-cylinder engine. A stepless Fendt VarioDrive transmission. An efficient Concentric Air System. And it boasts up to a whopping 500 horsepower.

The 1000 Vario isn’t just a tractor, it’s a powerhouse. Its advanced software solutions, fast data analysis and higher-visibility windows keep it running through thick and thin so you can get the job done. If your tractor happens to run into issues, it’s backed by the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care plan, covering your tractor for three years or 3,000 hours with scheduled maintenance included.

Model Engine HP Transmission
1038 MAN 12.4L  380 TA 400 Vario
1042 MAN 12.4L  420 TA 400 Vario
1046 MAN 12.4L  460 TA 400 Vario
1050 MAN 12.4L  500 TA 400 Vario

ALL NEW Fendt 900 Vario Gen 6

Ready for more? The NEW Fendt 900 Vario is impressive on every level – efficiency, grip, versatility, safety, comfort and intelligence. 

Comfort. Capability. Performance. That’s the new Fendt 900 Vario Gen 6, now available at Butler. With independent hydraulics and a 3-point system, your tractor will power through the toughest of terrains. The 900 Vario hosts an InfoTainment System for hands-free Bluetooth technology that can be controlled from the VarioTerminal within the cab, so your full attention is designated to your work.

Other features of the new 900 Vario Gen 6 include a MAN 9.0L engine, an expanded tire offering to trek through all paths encountered, a narrow hood and new transaxle design, and an operating weight of 24,000-42,000 lbs, making it lighter than other competitor brands. The Vario 900 Gen 6 can reach up to 415 hp, giving it the ability to above and beyond, every time. Come get your Vario 900 Gen 6 today!

Model Engine HP Transmission
930 MAN 9L  296 ML 400 Vario CVT
933 MAN 9L  326 ML 400 Vario CVT
936 MAN 9L  355 ML 400 Vario CVT
939 MAN 9L  385 ML 400 Vario CVT
942 MAN 9L  415 ML 400 Vario CVT

Fendt 800 Vario Tractor

Superior to the last detail. 

With new VarioGrip automated steering and high levels of constant power, the Fendt 800 Vario tractor continues its outstanding status. Delivering up to 280 horsepower, this tractor can take on both field work and transport work. Its large operator’s cab has a panoramic view, so the finished job looks nothing less than perfect.

The 800 Vario makes tough field work easier for you. You can choose your cab temperature via climate control and monitor your reversals by using the in-cab Varioterminal camera inputs. Its reliability is hard to match, but it’s easy to add the 800 Vario to your lineup at Butler.

Model Engine HP Transmission
822 DEUTZ  6.06L  220 ML 200 Vario CVT
824 DEUTZ  6.06L  240 ML 200 Vario CVT
826 DEUTZ  6.06L  260 ML 200 Vario CVT
828 DEUTZ  6.06L  280 ML 200 Vario CVT

Fendt 700 Vario Tractor

The perfectionist.

Owning a Fendt 700 Vario Tractor just makes sense. Featuring a 4-speed rear PTO, lift capacity of 10,360 daN and an Ergonomic VisioPlus cab, this tractor will get the job done time and time again. It can reach a top speed of 50 km/h while still maintaining precision, functionality and reliability.

Equipped with powerful hydraulics, your 700 Vario will manage the heaviest of loads and perfect each task you put it to. With SCR technology for fuel economy up to 10% better and torque rise up to 43% higher, this tractor is efficient and cost-saving. The 700 Vario isn’t just a want for farmers like you—it’s a need.

Model Engine HP Transmission
714 DEUTZ 6.06L  145 ML 140 Vario CVT
716 DEUTZ 6.06L  165 ML 140 Vario CVT
718 DEUTZ 6.06L 180 ML 180 Vario CVT
720 DEUTZ 6.06L  200 ML 180 Vario CVT
722 DEUTZ 6.06L  220 ML 180 HD Vario CVT
 724  DEUTZ 6.06L  240  ML 180 HD Vario CVT

Fendt 500 Vario Tractor

Fast and flexible work. The Fendt 500 Vario Tractor does just that. With a panoramic, curved front window and easy-to-use armrest controls, operating your tractor and seeing the fields will be a breeze. Reliability and capability are its two largest assets, which are crucial when getting the job done.

The 500 Vario includes a variety of applications and fuel-saving capabilities that make owning any other tractor unthinkable. Its strength of up to 165 horsepower gives it the ability to power through the toughest of jobs and multitask whenever necessary. With VarioGuide automatic steering and a Variotronic guidance system, your work becomes that much more enjoyable.

Model Engine HP Transmission
512 DEUTZ 4.04L  125 ML 90 Vario CVT
513 DEUTZ 4.04L  135 ML 90 Vario CVT
514 DEUTZ 4.04L  145 ML 90 Vario CVT
516 DEUTZ 4.04L  165 ML 90 Vario CVT

Fendt IDEAL Combine

Fendt’s new IDEAL combine is now at Butler! With its fully-automated processing system and the largest grain tank in its class, the IDEAL combine is more innovative than ever before. Harvest season is always busy and hectic, but why have it that way when the IDEAL can make it simple and efficient?

The IDEAL has smart sensors that monitor moisture and yield, a Schumacher cutterbar to ensure precision and a Cyclone cleaning system that is powerful and persistent. Its single and dual helix processors make every day harvesting easier than ever before. No task is ever too difficult for the IDEAL. It’s only too easy.

Model Engine HP Grain Tank
IDEAL 7 AGCO POWER 9.8L 451 350 bu.
IDEAL 7 PL AGCO POWER 9.8L 451 350 bu.
IDEAL 8 MAN 12.4L 538 350 bu.
IDEAL 8 PL MAN 12.4L 538 350 bu.
IDEAL 9 MAN 15.2L 647 485 bu.
IDEAL 9 PL MAN 15.2L 647 485 bu.

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