Challenger 1000

Challenger 1000 Series Tractors

The NEW Challenger 1000 Series Tractors. The WORLD’S FIRST 500+ HP FIXED-FRAME TRACTOR!

1042_front_ne_cropped_web Introducing the new Challenger 1000 Series Tractors. Tractors unlike any we’ve ever manufactured. Crafted in our state-of-the-art Marktoberdorf, Germany plant, each machine is built from the ground up on our revolutionary AccuEngineering™ Platform. This completely new class of tractors delivers more power to the ground, more efficiently, intuitively and intelligently than ever before.

For years, Challenger tractors have carved out a reputation for being tough and durable. Today, the rules of agribusiness are changing. Not only is Challenger changing with them, but we’re committed to leading the way in the development of the most efficient engineering and technology that larger, more complex operations will need to be successful, and profitable, in the future. We call it Intelligent Farming.

  • HORSEPOWER: 396 to 517 1042_ne_cropped_web
  • WEIGHT RANGE: 31,204 lbs. to 50,706 lbs.
  • Higher torque at lower engine speeds for A BETTER ROI
  • YEAR-ROUND APPLICATION from heavy tillage and planting to row crop applications
  • EASY-TO-OPERATE, intuitive tractor management system
  • Simply a BETTER COST OF OWNERSHIP for serious agribusiness


Perhaps the most intelligent feature of the Challenger 1000 Series Tractors is a powertrain unlike anything you’ve seen before. Simply put, the AccuDrive powertrain maximizes engine power at slow speeds. So you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions, with maximum torque and minimum fuel usage. The key is the tractor’s ability to drive both axles independently.


challenger-1000-management-centerThe Challenger 1000 Series is a highly sophisticated machine that is as intuitive and simple to operate as a smartphone. Key functions are color-coordinated with the controls that operate them, so learning the layout is a breeze. The multifunction armrest provides easy-to-understand control of everything from engine speed to hydraulic functions to guidance and PTO. Pinpoint implement accuracy has never been easier. This ergonomic design keeps all tasks and functions comfortably within the operator’s reach, reducing time and fatigue. With one hand on the wheel and one hand on the joystick, you’re in total control at all times.


AUTO-GUIDE™: With the Auto-Guide guidance system, you can drive reliably and accurately without actively steering, even in difficult reception conditions. Choose a GNSS, Novatel® or Trimble® receiver. Depending on the receiver, numerous correction signals are supported including WAAS, RangePointTM RTX and CenterPoint® RTX. Existing Trimble RTK networks can be used with the Trimble RTK receiver. Plus NTRIP can be used with both Novatel and Trimble receivers. Even without a correction signal, Auto-Guide works reliably for up to 20 minutes with RTK accuracy, using Trimble xFill® technology.

TASKDOC®/TASKDOC PRO: Simple field data management and documentation is critical. The AccuTerminal includes TaskDoc, so you can record relevant data with minimum effort.

FUSE® CONNECTED SERVICES, ENABLED BY AGCOMMAND®:  The Challenger 1000 Series Tractors are AgCommand-equipped with state-of-theart telemetry hardware. Machine data and real-time alerts are transmitted via cellular and Iridium® satellite network to ensure global coverage, even in the more remote area. Through connectivity and use of big data, intelligent information and insights are shared on AGCO’s pioneering telemetry tool, AgCommand. AgCommand is fully mobile-compatible, so you can access your machine information from any computer or mobile device. Fuse Connected Services is available in two levels. Level 1 provides “Access & Insights” to customers who have the resources to utilize the data and monitor their own fleet using AgCommand. Challenger dealers bring their machinery expertise and years of experience to deliver Level 2, which includes remote machine monitoring, out-of-season inspection and consultation.

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